Overview of the Exchange for crypto currency EtherDelta

In general, crypto-exchange exchanges are centralized areas, the management of which is in the hands of one team. But, recently, many new decentralized platforms began to appear, which allow trading tokens without intermediaries. One of these is the EtherDelta crypto-exchange, which we will discuss in this article. Overview of EtherDelta, pluses and minuses The EtherDelta […]

Overview of the BTC Trade Exchange

To date, there are quite a few crypto-currency exchanges, and very often beginners in the digital currency market are confused in choosing an appropriate trading platform. In this review, we will talk about the exchange for CTC BTC Trade, how to use it, enter / withdraw funds, reviews and much more.   Overview of BTC […]

Exchange Kraken: review, reviews, how to use

One of the most famous exchanges for trading and exchanging crypto currency is the Kraken trading floor. In this article we will look at how to use the exchange, how to register, verify and start trading.   Kraken Review, pluses and minuses The Kraken Credit Exchange was founded in 2011 in San Francisco. Its main […]

Overview of the cryptoexchange marketplace Bitfinex: how to register, refill your wallet, trade

Today, the Crypto currency can be freely purchased and sold at many sites. One of these is the famous Bitfinex exchange. How to register, replenish account and trade on Bitfinex – we will consider in our review.   Overview of the Bitfinex exchange, pros and cons The Bitfinex exchange is one of the first to […]

Overview of the ECoin exchange – registration, trade, exchange, reviews

Growth of interest in the crypto currency provokes the emergence of an increasing number of sites for trade and exchange of digital money. One of the most popular exchanges for crypto currency is the ECoin trading platform. In this article we will discuss how to work on this exchange: how to register, replenish the account, […]

Overview of the OKcoin Exchange: registration, replenishment of the wallet, trade

In the crypto currency market, there are many exchanges with which you can buy, sell or exchange the digital currency. One of such trading platforms is the OKCOin currency exchange. In this review we will tell you how to register, replenish your wallet, carry out trades and in general how to earn on OKcoin. Overview […]

Indacoin: overview of the crypto exchange, registration, trading, exchange, withdrawal of funds

With the help of specialized crypto-exchange exchanges, you can trade in digital currency or exchange it for real money. In this article we will review one of such exchanges – Indacoin. Overview of the Indacoin exchange, pros and cons Indacoin is a platform for trade and exchange of crypto currency, which began its work in […]

Overview of the CEX.IO exchange: registration, how to use, feedback

CEX.IO is a popular crypto exchange. On how to register, replenish the purse, buy a crypto currency, withdraw funds, etc. – Read in our review.   Overview of the CEX.IO exchange, pros and cons CEX.IO is registered in London in 2013. First, the exchange functioned as a cloud-based service. Users could buy power from the […]

A detailed overview of the Bitsane crypto exchange

Many newcomers in the crypto-currency business are not guided in the choice of a suitable exchange for the trade and exchange of digital currency. In this article, we will talk in detail about the Bitsane exchange and whether it is possible to earn on it.   Overview of the Bitsane exchange, pros and cons The […]