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-1 2023-05-29 Array Zephyr Protocol
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What is Zephyr Protocol (ZEPH)?

Zephyr Protocol introduces a distinctive stablecoin mechanism influenced by the Djed protocol, enriched with privacy functionalities akin to Monero. It features three primary assets: Zephyr ($ZEPH), Zephyr Stable Dollar ($ZSD), and Zephyr Reserve Share ($ZRS), each serving a specific purpose within its ecosystem.The protocol's design aims to offer a stable, decentralized, and private digital currency solution. It achieves stability through over-collateralization and ensures privacy by incorporating Monero's transaction obfuscation techniques, making it suitable for users prioritizing both stability and privacy in their transactions.

What is Zephyr Protocol (ZEPH) used for?

At the core of the Zephyr Protocol lies the base currency - ZEPH. ZEPH forms the primary medium of exchange within the Zephyr ecosystem, serving as the fundamental layer linking the stablecoin (ZephUSD) and the reserve coin (ZephRSV). ZEPH, being the native currency, has an essential role in ensuring the smooth operation of the Zephyr Protocol. Users who wish to enter the stablecoin system can do so by depositing ZEPH into the Protocol and minting ZephUSD in return. Here, the value of ZEPH serves as the underlying collateral, giving ZephUSD its stable character.

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