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99000000000 2014-02-28 Array ZeitCoin
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Zeitcoin is a cryptocurrency that allows instant peer-to-peer payments to anyone, without the oversight of any central authority. Zeitcoin is a charity and activism driven coin. In addition, ZEIT uses a sustainable PoS algorithm with dynamic staking rewards.

Zeitcoin is an innovative, secure and energy-efficient PoST coin. (Proof of Staked Transactions) By moving to Ultra Low Inflation, ZEIT Users will be able to earn more coins, by processing Transactions once the blocks are full than from the interest rate.

Zeitcoin adopt a variable PoST rate, which gives the highest payout at 25% the first year, 20% the 2nd year, 15% the 3rd year, 5% for \~5 months, Final Forever .0005% yearly (Ultra Low Inflation)

Zeitcoin will have a total of 90 billion coins.

The PoST will start after at least 1 day of holding of the coins in the wallet. Staked Blocks older than 25 hours will not split upon staking. Staked Blocks younger than 25 hours will split upon staking. With PoST, the coin is more resilient to a 51% attack.

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