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133246392.53313 2016-02-29 Array Nano
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What is it?

Nano (XNO):Nano, formerly known as RaiBlocks, is a decentralized, sustainable, and secure next-generation digital currency focused on addressing the inefficiencies present in existing cryptocurrencies. It operates on a unique block-lattice architecture where each account has its blockchain, allowing for immediate transaction processing and scalability.

Platform/Project:The Nano network aims to offer instant transactions without fees and with unlimited scalability. One of its distinctive features is its efficient consensus mechanism called Open Representative Voting (ORV). In ORV, representatives are voted on by the Nano coin owners, ensuring decentralization, and the main role of these representatives is to verify transaction validity on the network.

What is it used for?

Nano is primarily used for peer-to-peer transactions, serving as a medium of exchange. Due to its fee-less and instant transaction attributes, it has gained traction in microtransactions and situations where transaction costs from other cryptocurrencies might be prohibitive. Additionally, as the Nano protocol is lightweight, it's also been adopted in areas where computational resources may be limited.

Who created it?

Nano was created by Colin LeMahieu. He introduced the currency in 2015 with the goal of addressing the shortcomings he saw in existing cryptocurrency designs, particularly around issues of scalability and fees.

The official Nano ticker is “XNO” and trades under that name on all the exchanges where it has been listed. The designation “NANO” is for only.

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