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900000000 2017-06-01 World Crypto Gold
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WCG’s most fundamental innovation is Transparent Forging, which is the core of WCG transformation and innovation, that is able to handle an extremely high per second rate of trading volume. Transparent Forging allows the entire network to predict which node will forge the next block so that it can transfer transactions directly and ensure immediate confirmation in the transaction, which eliminates the network speed problem. The way to make money directly through Bitcoin is to predict its future price. WCG has an innovative mechanism to allow the transaction fees to be recycled, that is, all of the transaction fees included in that block of the forging account be rewarded. For the time being, there are only three ways to generate transaction fees: arbitrary messages, WCG transfers and aliases. But as WCG adds more features, each of the WCG accounts that are forged will continue to increase. As WCG has a practical mechanism to get more new features through its voting system, it is hoped that the community would agree to add more promising new features, to correspond to the increase of transaction fees and WCG's real interest rate. By combining all these features with a scalable framework, WCG has become the foundation of a well-established and mature peer-to-peer economy. From micro-trading, return on investment, open IPO, instantaneous transactions, and with all the things WCG can achieve.

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