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Max Supply Algorithm Proof Type Start Date Twitter Website
210000000 2018-01-16 Array Wanchain
DifficultyAdj. BlockRR. BlockNo. Network H/s Current Supply Block Reward
14297765 0 197985032.0329 0
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What is it?

Wanchain (WAN) is a cryptocurrency that operates on its own blockchain platform. It is designed to facilitate interoperability and enable cross-chain transactions between different blockchain networks. By connecting separate blockchains, Wanchain aims to create a decentralized financial infrastructure that allows for the seamless transfer of digital assets and data.

What is it used for?

WAN serves as the native token of the Wanchain ecosystem and plays a vital role in various activities within the network. It is primarily used for staking, where token holders can lock their WAN tokens to participate in the consensus mechanism and secure the network. Stakers are rewarded with additional WAN tokens for their contribution to network security.

In addition to staking, WAN tokens can be used for transaction fees, governance participation, and accessing services and applications built on the Wanchain platform. The token also facilitates cross-chain transactions by serving as a medium of exchange between different blockchains integrated with Wanchain.

Who created it?

Wanchain was created by a team of developers and blockchain enthusiasts led by its founder, Jack Lu.

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