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1000000000 2020-09-30 Array xMoney
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What is xMoney (UTK)?

xMoney, formerly known as Utrust, is a cryptocurrency and payment platform designed to enhance the utility of digital currencies for everyday transactions. The project addresses key challenges such as transactional security and high fees that have historically curtailed the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies.

What is xMoney (UTK) Used For?

xMoney aims to enable quick and low-cost cryptocurrency transactions for both individual users and merchants. Its platform seeks to alleviate issues related to volatility and security, allowing merchants to reach a wider audience of cryptocurrency users. Notably, xMoney combines elements of blockchain technology with traditional fiat systems to provide a robust and efficient payment platform suitable for both individual consumers and businesses.

How Does xMoney Stand Out?

One of xMoney's standout features is its Unified Crypto-Fiat Payment Network, a unique system that integrates the advantages of cryptocurrencies with those of traditional fiat currencies. By doing so, xMoney aims to transform the way transactions are conducted, serving as a bridge between conventional financial systems and emerging crypto technologies. The platform includes tools like xMoney Crypto Pay, which allows businesses to easily accept cryptocurrency payments. Moreover, xMoney offers a mobile wallet designed to simplify the management of digital assets. This wallet supports both on-chain and off-chain transactions and enables seamless cryptocurrency-to-fiat conversions, thereby offering a solution to manage crypto price volatility.

Who Created xMoney (UTK)?

Nuno Correia, a co-founder and chairman, has been involved in the crypto space since 2011 and comes with a background in marketing and law. Roberto Machado, another co-founder and CPO, has experience working with international corporations such as Uphold, AT&T, and Airtel. Filipe Castro, a co-founder and CCO, specializes in computer science and has experience in software solutions. Artur Goulão is also a co-founder and has contributed to the foundational elements of xMoney.

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