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-1 2017-10-01 Array Oyster Pearl
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Oyster Protocol provides a framework for accessing a decentralized mesh network. This network connects website owners, storage users and nodes (Web and Broker).

The Oyster Protocol enables websites to generate traffic revenue as visitors perform Proof of Work for a decentralized storage ledger. Web Nodes are everyday computers, smartphones, cars - anything with a modern web browser. They communicate with each other directly, only needing occasional connection brokerage from Broker Nodes. Web nodes recompense for their work is granted access to content/goods/services from the corresponding website owner. Website owners and broker nodes are rewarded with PRL token.

PRL is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token that serves as currency on Oyster's ecosystem.

"(...) William Cordes, CEO of Oyster, announced that some events of extreme intrigue had taken place at the hands of the project’s original designer, Bruno Block . According to Cordes, Block was able to use a function within the Oyster smart contract — a function which he insisted must remain in the live code — to make himself “director” and thus mint new crypto tokens, at least 3 million, which he subsequently moved to KuCoin and sold to the tune of at least $300,000." - Read more here

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