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-1 2020-10-17 Array Presearch
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What is Presearch (PRE)?

Presearch is a decentralized search engine powered by its own cryptocurrency, designed to offer a more private and transparent alternative to traditional search engines. The Presearch Tokens (PRE) are based on the Ethereum platform, classified as standard ERC-20 tokens. This initiative gives users greater control over their data and privacy, aiming to transform the internet search experience.

What is the Purpose and Use of PRE?

PRE tokens serve multiple functions within the Presearch network. Users earn PRE tokens by contributing to the network, including running nodes, submitting search results, or referring new users. Additionally, PRE is utilized to unlock premium features such as advertising, keyword staking, and advanced analytics. The token's design aligns with the goal of rewarding users for their engagement and contributions to the Presearch platform.

Who Created Presearch?

Presearch was launched by Colin Pape and Thomas LeClair. Before founding Presearch in 2017, they created, a platform dedicated to supporting local shopping initiatives. The project also benefits from the expertise of Trey Grainger, who joined as CTO and is recognized for his skills in engineering and data science. Tim Enneking, holding the position of chairman of Presearch’s advisory board, is another significant contributor. He is noted for founding the world's first crypto fund.

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