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What is Power Ledger?

Power Ledger is a pioneering blockchain-based platform established to enable decentralized renewable energy trading. Using Ethereum's blockchain as its initial foundation, the platform grants users the ability to transparently and autonomously buy and sell renewable energy. The goal is not only to make renewable energy more accessible and affordable but to champion sustainability and reduce global carbon footprints.

Who Founded Power Ledger?

Power Ledger was co-founded in 2016 by Dr. Jemma Green, Dave Martin, John Bulich, and Jenni Conroy. With Dr. Green's expertise in renewable energy and sustainability, Dave Martin's understanding of electricity distribution, and John Bulich's proficiency in blockchain technology, the team is passionately driven to revolutionize traditional energy markets.

The Evolution of Power Ledger's Blockchain

Initially built upon Ethereum's blockchain, Power Ledger has since transitioned to a custom, proof-of-stake public blockchain specifically designed for energy and environmental trading applications. On 31st July 2023, they introduced their custom blockchain, inspired by Solana but adapted to meet Power Ledger's energy-specific needs. This blockchain offers reduced fees, high throughput, and energy efficiency, which are critical for frequent microtransactions typical in decentralized energy trading.

The Role of $POWR and The Transition to a New Fee Model

$POWR, which began as an ERC-20 token on Ethereum, served as an access ticket to the Power Ledger platform. With the advent of their custom blockchain, the role of $POWR has evolved. Although $POWR remains on the Ethereum blockchain, it's now used to cover transaction fees on Power Ledger's new blockchain. A smart contract bridge is in the works, allowing for POWR tokens to be locked on Ethereum and equivalent native tokens to be minted on Power Ledger's new platform.

Power Ledger's Vision for a Sustainable Energy Future

Central to Power Ledger is its unwavering commitment to sustainability. Pilot programs and ventures worldwide have underscored the need for a blockchain capable of handling thousands of simultaneous transactions with low energy and transaction costs. For instance, consider a community of 10,000 households. With just 20% trading energy at 5-minute intervals, this would equal over 6,600 transactions per second. Traditional blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum can't handle this volume, making Power Ledger's new platform revolutionary.

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