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-1 2017-07-17 Array Particl
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1696756 0 14099101.06796 0
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What is Particl (PART)?

Particl (PART) is a privacy-focused decentralized platform that facilitates secure and anonymous e-commerce transactions. It aims to provide a blockchain-based marketplace where users can buy and sell goods and services privately. Leveraging various privacy-enhancing technologies such as Confidential Transactions and Ring Signatures, Particl ensures that transactions on its platform are secure, untraceable, and private. The platform is designed to be highly scalable, energy-efficient, and offers various features like a decentralized voting mechanism, a governance model, and self-sustainable funding for continuous development.

Who Created Particl (PART)?

Particl was developed by the Particl Foundation, a non-profit organization. The project was initiated by a group of blockchain developers and privacy advocates who recognized the need for more private and secure e-commerce solutions within the blockchain space. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, it was founded by Paul Schmitzer and Ryno Mathee. Particl was officially launched in July of 2017.

The team behind Particl focused on combining privacy-centric technologies with the benefits of a decentralized marketplace to address issues like data security and user privacy in online transactions.

What is $PART Used For?

$PART, the native token of the Particl platform, serves multiple functions such as Marketplace Fees, Staking and Governance,Transaction Privacy: $PART is used for conducting transactions on the Particl marketplace, with a focus on maintaining the privacy and anonymity of these transactions.

In summary, Particl's PART token is central to the operation and governance of its private and secure e-commerce platform. It facilitates anonymous transactions, powers the decentralized marketplace, and enables stakeholders to contribute to the platform's development and decision-making processes.

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