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-1 2017-07-25 Array Neblio
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0 0 20939480.599547 0
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What is it?

Neblio (NEBL) is the native token of the Neblio platform, which is a distributed, high-performance blockchain network designed for Enterprise and Industry 4.0 applications and services. The NEBL token operates on the Neblio Token Protocol-1 (NTP1), a protocol that enables the creation of unique tokens. This ability to easily tokenize both physical and digital assets does not require any specialized development or technical experience. The Neblio platform and its NTP1 protocol thus provide a simple and accessible platform for developing a range of projects, from launching a new business to integrating blockchain into existing operations​.

The Neblio platform is powered by Tachyon and includes a suite of RESTful API SDKs that support eight programming languages: Java, Ruby, Go, PHP, Python, JavaScript, C#, and Objective-C. This range of supported languages enables developers to integrate a new or existing application in their preferred language. The platform's documentation and tools further facilitate the creation of a project's tokens and the assignment of metadata to individual tokens for use in distributed applications. Additionally, the Neblio platform offers a selection of services and consulting options for those who require assistance.

What is it used for?

NEBL tokens play a crucial role in the operation of the Neblio network. NEBL stakeholders, or network operators, use the tokens to verify transactions, oversee governance, and create new blocks. Staking NEBL is a process that simply involves running a wallet and keeping it connected to the network. By helping maintain the network's health, decentralization, and speed, stakeholders earn NEBL as a reward each time their wallet stakes a new block on the chain.

Who created it?

Neblio was founded in 2017 by Ann Jackson and Eddy Smith. The platform is currently active and operates as a for-profit entity.

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