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-1 2020-10-21 Array Leverj
DifficultyAdj. BlockRR. BlockNo. Network H/s Current Supply Block Reward
0 0 219169104.6099 0
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Leverj is a decentralized leveraged crypto exchange that provides solutions to the inherent risks seen in centralized trading platforms. Leverj provides decentralized identity to avoid identity leaks and multi-signature accounts to provide complete user control over account funds. LEV is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token and it is the primary token in Leverj's two-level token system.

The LEV token represents a license to transact on the platform proportional to the percentage ownership of the token supply. The second token, FEE, can be generated by LEV token holders by freezing the LEV token in a smart contract for a fixed duration, allowing them to trade on the Leverj platform without having to pay fees in ETH.

The official Leverj ticker is “LEV” and trades under that name on all the exchanges where it has been listed. The designation “LEVERJ” is for only.

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