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-1 2017-12-18 Array HTML Coin
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What is HTML Coin (HTML)?

HTMLCOIN is a cryptocurrency designed to facilitate digital payments for goods and services. It also serves as a utility coin powering the Althash blockchain platform, which supports smart contracts and various applications. Although its name may remind one of “HTML”, the Hypertext Markup Language used in website development, it represents the idea of a decentralized digital economy. HTMLCOIN integrates features from both Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies, emphasizing security and smart contract capabilities.

Who created HTML Coin (HTML)?

HTMLCOIN was founded on March 8, 2014, by Amando Boncales, PhD(c). Boncales envisioned using blockchain technology to create disruptive tools that could liberate individuals from centralized systems and economies. Joined by Jose Luis Carmona, who took on the role of Chief Product Officer. The team aimed to apply blockchain solutions beyond just cryptocurrencies, targeting sectors like security, payment systems, e-commerce, healthcare, education, and more.

What is $HTML used for?

$HTML is used as the primary currency within the Althash blockchain for various functions. It is essential for executing smart contracts, operating within the Althash ecosystem, and facilitating transactions on NFT platforms, DeFi, and other applications. Additionally, it functions as a standard cryptocurrency for buying and selling goods and services. The Althash blockchain, powered by HTMLCOIN, extends its utility to areas like artificial intelligence, e-commerce, health, education, and humanitarian actions.

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