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100000000 2015-02-09 Array Hellenic Coin
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Hellenic coin aims to disrupt the tourism and logistics industry. Its dual nature, currency and asset, allows it to become simultaneously an efficient tool in the blockchain ecosystem and in everyone’s day to day transactions. Long term goal is to be integrated within the Greek economy, in order to boost its Gross National Product.

The Hellenic Blockchain Association has launched an airdrop and bounty campaign, distributing a significant amount of Euro in HNC, in order to bring more awareness to the crypto community as well as attract new users in our innovative ecosystem.

Moreover, there are several initiatives regarding Hellenic coin in the near future. Hellenic Coin hotels platform has preliminary agreed with tens of thousands of hotels to list and accept HNC as their payment method. Furthermore, there will soon be companies/entities from other industry sectors as well.

HNC will introduce a buy back program, thus efficiently protecting the currency’s value from price speculations which may lead to volatile situations. This way we can provide a safe environment for our miners and investors and show our practical commitment and responsibility towards our members.

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