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What is Hacken (HKN)?

Hacken (HKN) is a cryptocurrency that operates on a blockchain platform, specifically designed to address cybersecurity challenges within the digital assets space. The project centres on fostering a safer cyber environment for individuals and businesses engaged in the cryptocurrency sector. Hacken's ecosystem encompasses an array of products and services aimed at bolstering security protocols and delivering comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

What is Hacken (HKN) used for?

Hacken (HKN) is utilised for various functions within its ecosystem, principally concentrating on enhancing cybersecurity measures for blockchain projects. Its applications include:

1. Cybersecurity Services: Provision of a suite of services such as smart contract audits, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments, assisting businesses in safeguarding their operations against potential cyber threats.2. HackenProof: A decentralised bug bounty platform where cybersecurity experts are rewarded with HKN tokens for detecting and reporting system vulnerabilities.3. HackenAI: An all-encompassing cybersecurity companion application that educates users about safe online practices and offers tools for securely managing digital assets.4. Token Usage: HKN tokens are utilised as a payment method within the Hacken ecosystem for various services and products, incentivising cybersecurity professionals and aligning their interests with the platform's security objectives.

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