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What is Gifto (GFT)?

Gifto, launched in 2017, is a Web3 blockchain solution designed for the creation, storage, and gifting of blockchain presents. This innovative platform focuses on enabling users to gift digital assets such as NFTs, which can take various forms like e-cards, profile pictures (PFPs), generative art, or red envelopes. Gifto aims to enhance the digital gifting experience, leveraging the unique capabilities of blockchain technology to make the process more engaging and meaningful.

Who Created Gifto (GFT)?

Gifto was established in 2017, as part of the early wave of projects exploring the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology in the realm of digital assets and gifting. However, specific information about the individual founders or the core team behind Gifto is not provided.

What is $GFT Used For?

$GFT, the native token of the Gifto ecosystem, has various applications within the platform:

Staking: Users can deposit their $GFT in the Gifto Staking Platform to earn rewards in $GFT. The platform also plans to offer additional yield farming opportunities through Autofarm vaults.

Gifto Wallet: The Web3 Gifto wallet allows users to store, trade, invest, collect, and share NFTs while earning cryptocurrency easily. It supports $GFT and other BNB Chain tokens, offering functionalities such as buying, selling, trading, minting, and staking of NFTs.

Trading and Privacy: The wallet enables one-click trading of assets using preferred DApps, with a strong emphasis on privacy and security. Gifto ensures that user data remains private and the wallet is secure.

Gifto Store: A built-in NFT venue within the Gifto ecosystem where users can create, buy, and sell NFTs and other collectibles. Creators can monetize their non-fungible tokens and art, and are rewarded in $GFT for every completed trade on the platform.

Charity and Social Transformation: Gifto integrates a social responsibility aspect, with a portion of the annual inflation of $GFT being donated to Binance Charity. This initiative aims to contribute to educational access and closing the poverty gap.

In summary, $GFT serves as a multi-functional token within the Gifto ecosystem, facilitating staking, trading, and participation in a unique digital gifting and NFT marketplace, while also contributing to social causes.

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