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21000000000 2017-10-30 Array Electroneum
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What is Electroneum (ETN)?

Electroneum is a Layer 1 EVM-compatible blockchain, catering to 4+ million users worldwide. The network boasts transaction speeds of 5 seconds with instant finality, and low smart contract fees. Powered by the Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance (IBFT) consensus mechanism and supported by known validators - targeting universities and Web3 infrastructure companies - the network is fast, secure and energy efficient. For several years, ETN has provided the backbone for, helping the platform take advantage of blockchain technology and deliver a fairer, more efficient experience for freelancers globally.

What is Electroneum (ETN) used for?

In early 2024, Electroneum initiated its ‘Aurelius’ blockchain update, becoming a Layer 1 EVM-compatible blockchain. The network boasts industry-leading speed, security, and efficiency having implemented a unique take on the IBFT consensus mechanism, supported by known validators. The network has proven to be effective over the years, providing not only the backbone to the ETN-Network, which today caters to more than four million users worldwide but also to, supporting 15,000+ professionals across 140 countries. provides a unique take on today’s freelance platforms, allowing freelancers to get paid in ETN - circumventing the need to have a bank account..

The Electroneum blockchain is powered by the IBFT consensus mechanism and supportedby a group of known validators. Prior to the latest ‘Aurelius’ update, Electroneum launchedits ‘Proof of Responsibility’ update, in which a group of NGOs were introduced to thevalidator programme.

This approach provided the NGOs with a brand new funding stream, supporting new and existing charitable initiatives. Following the introduction of the ‘Aurelius’ update in early 2024, this programme has expanded to universities and Web3 infrastructure companies.

Who created Electroneum (ETN)?

Electroneum Ltd. was founded in 2017 by British entrepreneur, Richard Ells. He is also the owner of Retortal, a social media management platform designed for businesses in the direct selling industry, and SiteWizard, a digital agency which he co-founded and where he serves as a director. In 2019, he founded - a freelance platform in the crypto space.

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