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-1 2020-06-17 Array pNetwork Token
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0 0 87973007.722997 0
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What is pNetwork (PNT)?

pNetwork is a comprehensive solution designed for blockchain interoperability. It provides a fully decentralized platform that enables the movement of assets, NFTs, and metadata across various blockchains, sidechains, and Layer 2 (L2) networks. The project aims to bridge over 50 assets among 15 blockchains, facilitating seamless transfers and interactions between different blockchain ecosystems​​.

What is pNetwork (PNT) used for?

pNetwork addresses several key challenges in the blockchain space, primarily focusing on interoperability and ease of asset transfer. Its primary uses include:

  • Inter-Blockchain Communication: pNetwork offers open-source inter-blockchain communication, enabling direct, easy, and cost-effective transfers of funds and data between different chains, without intermediaries.
  • Bridging dApps Across Multiple Networks: It allows dApps and smart contracts to be accessible on multiple chains, thereby expanding their user base and service availability.
  • Development Tools Accessibility: pNetwork provides a suite of development tools accessible to both experienced developers and enthusiasts, enabling more efficient utilization of capital.
  • Cryptocurrency and NFT Transfers: Users can move cryptocurrencies and NFTs between different blockchains, enhancing the flexibility and utility of digital assets.
  • Governance: PNT token holders can participate in governance, proposing and voting on changes to the pNetwork ecosystem.
  • eidooCARD: As part of the pNetwork ecosystem, users have access to eidooCARD, a non-custodial, L2-integrated cryptocurrency card, offering fast transactions and low fees​​.

Who created pNetwork (PNT)?

pNetwork was founded in 2019, with its token, PNT, launching in June 2020. The project is developed by two sister companies: Provable Things, which originally founded and developed pNetwork, and Eidoo, which joined the project in June 2020. Eidoo had its own project and token, which was then converted into pNetwork tokens (PNT), with the Eidoo project continuing to operate using PNT as its backbone​​.

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