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-1 2017-07-12 Array Dent
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What is Dent?Dent is a decentralized platform designed to foster a "Data Sharing Economy." It empowers users to buy, sell, and even donate their mobile data. Operating through the DENT Exchange, Dent seeks to democratize mobile data trading, introducing transparency and competitiveness to mobile data pricing. By challenging the conventional norms of international roaming and simplifying mobile data purchases, Dent ensures users always secure the most economical deals from the most apt regional operators.

Who created Dent?Dent is the brainchild of DENT Wireless Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong. Originally established in 2014 as Commando Coder Ltd, it was founded by Tero Katajainen with the initial ambition of crafting an automated FOREX trading system. In 2017, with the influx of other co-founders and investors, the company pivoted, setting its sights on the creation and global propagation of DENT Exchange. The team behind DENT is a dynamic mix of serial entrepreneurs, stalwarts from the industry, and specialists well-versed in Ethereum smart contracts, mobile applications, open-source developments, and the secure orchestration of extensive transaction systems.

What is $DENT used for?$DENT, the native token of the Dent platform, acts as the universal currency for mobile data package transactions. All exchanges related to mobile data packages, be it sales, purchases, or donations, are meticulously documented on the Ethereum blockchain, employing ETH. These data packages are exemplified as Smart Contracts. As the underpinning of the DENT Exchange, $DENT offers the trading community a golden chance to snag DENT at an introductory, advantageous rate during its crowdsale. Users can leverage DENT Tokens for both buying and selling data in a global arena. Beyond just transactions, DENT Tokens also grant users a voice within the DENT community, rallying behind the shared cause of mobile data emancipation and advocating a metamorphosis in traditional telco business paradigms. Acquiring DENT Tokens can be accomplished during its crowdsale, via various marketplaces, or as rewards for downloading the DENT mobile app, which stands as the primary portal for users to engage with mobile data packages.

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