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2000000000 2021-07-13 Array Streamr
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What is Streamr (DATA)?

Streamr (DATA) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, serving multiple roles within the Streamr network beyond merely acting as a medium of exchange. The token is a key part of the Streamr ecosystem, facilitating a range of activities like paying for services, bidding for data streams, and acting as a reputation metric among nodes in the network.

What Functions Does Streamr (DATA) Serve?

Payment for Services and Transactions: Streamr (DATA) is the chief currency within the Streamr network, allowing users to pay for various services and transactions. These include data streaming, smart contract execution, and network fees.

Bidding for Data Streams: DATA tokens are integral for bidding on real-time data streams within the Streamr platform. This bidding mechanism enables users to access valuable data, making DATA an essential element of the Streamr data marketplace.

Measure of Reputation: Within the Streamr network, the quantity of DATA tokens held by a node or participant serves as a metric for their reputation and influence. Nodes with more DATA tokens generally have greater say in governance and decision-making processes, thereby ensuring a decentralized and community-driven approach to the network's operation.

What is the Overall Importance of Streamr (DATA)?

In summary, Streamr (DATA) serves as both a utility token and a gauge of reputation within the Streamr ecosystem. It not only enables seamless transactions and data exchanges but also encourages active participation, contributing to the overall integrity and decentralized governance of the network.

Who Created Streamr (DATA)?

The Streamr project was initiated by a team of developers led by Henri Pihkala, Risto Karjalainen, and Nikke Nylund. Risto Karjalainen also holds the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO), playing a significant role in the project's growth and ongoing development.

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