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49411760 2016-07-23
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CraftCoin is a cryptocurrency based on Litecoin. CraftCoin was designed to be a portable in-game currency for Minecraft servers. The currency is used to buy in-game items on Minecraft servers and can be instantly transferred to any other Minecraft server that supports CraftCoin. The reason this coin was made is: Prior to the spike in the value of LTC, I ran a successful Minecraft server that used LTC as an in-game currency. The sudden spike in value caused a "bank run" and suddenly people stopped playing on the server due to hyperinflation. This coin aims to solve this problem, since the value of a CraftCoin will be based on what players are willing to pay for in-game items, rather than being tied to a coin with fluctuating value. CraftCoin is not intended to be a competitor with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or any other currency. It's one and only purpose is simply being a game currency that is protected from wild price swings that cause inflation/deflation on Minecraft servers and yet remains portable across any group of servers that wish to adopt the currency.

The official Craftcoin ticker is “CRAFT” and trades under that name on all the exchanges where it has been listed. The designation “CRAFTCOIN” is for only.

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