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10000000000 2014-02-11 Array Cryptographic Anomaly
DifficultyAdj. BlockRR. BlockNo. Network H/s Current Supply Block Reward
0 0 0 0

Cryptographic Anomaly is a modified clone of Litecoin, which is a lite version of Bitcoin using scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm.

Cryptographic Anomaly is a crypto-coin that uses a unique block reward algorithm. The block reward is directly affected by the current difficulty. The algorithm uses a modulo operation to find the remainder of the previous block's difficulty divided by 100,000,000 (aka COIN). If the remainder is less than 25,000,000 then an Anomaly is born, making a bonus block that is worth 1 CGA for that block; otherwise, the block reward is COIN minus the remainder (0.00-0.75 CGA.)