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25000000 2015-08-29 Array BolivarCoin
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1181790 0 19440407.4988 0
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What is BolivarCoin (BOLI)?

BolivarCoin (BOLI) is a cryptocurrency that users can generate through mining. BolivarCoin (BOLI) is a cryptocurrency with a focus on low transaction fees and quick confirmation times, making it suitable for international transfers and micro-payments. Its unique InstantX technology enables fast transaction confirmations, and its decentralized network architecture ensures security and independence from traditional banking systems.

What is BolivarCoin (BOLI) used for?

BolivarCoin offers several advantages in terms of transaction fees and speed. Compared to traditional banking systems and credit cards, BolivarCoin's transaction fees are significantly lower, sometimes even non-existent. This makes it a cost-effective option for users to manage their funds. In addition to this, BolivarCoin uses a unique decentralized technology called InstantX, which ensures and confirms payments in about three minutes. This rapid transaction time is particularly beneficial for international transfers and micro-payments, providing a more efficient alternative to conventional bank transfers and other digital currencies, which can take longer to confirm transactions. BolivarCoin operates on a two-tier network architecture, ensuring the security and independence of transactions. This network also eliminates the need for intermediaries and their associated fees. BolivarCoin's open-source code contributes to the transparency and security of the system​​.

Who created BolivarCoin (BOLI)?

BolivarCoin was created by an individual or entity known as Satoshimon Bolivarmoto​​.

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