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-1 2017-09-03 Array Aventus
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0 0 10651881.380311 0
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What is Aventus (AVT)?

AVT is a layer-2 Ethereum token that powers the Aventus Network. This token facilitates faster and cheaper transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. It plays a crucial role in the network's operation, with transaction processors staking AVT to secure the network and being rewarded with network fees. Additionally, AVT holders have governance rights, enabling them to vote on network upgrades.

The Aventus Network is a scaling solution for Ethereum, aiming to enhance its capabilities by offering faster transaction processing and reduced costs. It leverages Ethereum's security and ecosystem while addressing its scalability challenges.

What is Aventus (AVT) used for?

AVT is primarily used for processing transactions within the Aventus Network. Its use extends to staking by transaction processors who secure the network and governance, where AVT holders can influence the future direction of the network.

Who created Aventus (AVT)?

The Aventus Protocol was initially described in a 2016 white paper authored by Annika Monari and Alan Vey. They first crossed paths in 2015 during their master's degree studies at Imperial College, London. Monari and Vey are not only the co-founders but also serve as directors of the Aventus Protocol Foundation, which supervises Aventus Systems, the sole operator of the protocol.

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