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What is ATMChain (ATMCHAIN)?

ATMChain is a digital cryptocurrency that operates on the Ethereum platform. It was designed as a virtual money resource for advertising across various media platforms, aiming to create an ecosystem where all participants in the advertising business, including publishers and viewers of ads, receive rewards.

What is ATMChain (ATMCHAIN) used for?

ATMChain serves a dual purpose within its ecosystem. Firstly, it facilitates transaction monitoring, allowing advertisers to verify that payments for ads lead to real views, thereby ensuring their advertising spend is effectively utilized. Secondly, it provides a degree of anonymity; while the movement of funds within the platform is traceable, the identities of advertisers and users are not disclosed, simplifying transactions without legal complications. The platform's design aims to reward all parties involved in the advertising process, creating a more equitable ecosystem for digital advertising. ATMChain is notably focused on the Chinese market, which boasts a vast advertising sector, although the platform also caters to other Asian countries and plans for expansion to Western markets​.

Who created ATMChain (ATMCHAIN)?

ATMChain was established in August 2017 by a team of Spanish developers, including alumni from the MBA Institute in Madrid.

The official ATMChain ticker is “ATM” and trades under that name on all the exchanges where it has been listed. The designation “ATMCHAIN” is for only.

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