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-1 2017-10-10 Array AirSwap
DifficultyAdj. BlockRR. BlockNo. Network H/s Current Supply Block Reward
0 0 500000000 0
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What is it?

AirSwap (AST) is a utility token built on the Ethereum platform that functions as an essential component within the broader AirSwap protocol. As an ERC-20 compliant token, AST adheres to the Ethereum blockchain's standard specifications.

AirSwap itself is a decentralized, peer-to-peer trading network on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform was designed to facilitate the swapping or trading of tokens without the involvement of intermediaries, order books, or centralized exchanges. At its core lies the "Swap Protocol," which ensures seamless, trustless, and secure token trades.

What is it used for?

AST is primarily used to signal intent to trade within the AirSwap network. By locking up a certain amount of AST tokens, users gain the ability to make a specific number of "intent to trade" posts on the platform's indexer, thus facilitating trade matching. Additionally, AST can be used in governance decisions, helping guide the development and evolution of the platform.

Who created it?

AirSwap was co-founded by Michael Oved and Don Mosites. The duo brought together their respective expertise in the realms of algorithmic trading and software engineering to create a decentralized platform for token trades.

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