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-1 2016-03-19 Array HyperSpace
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HyperSpace, previously Synereo, redefines content publishing and distribution with Blockchain-enabled solutions that efficiently underlie and support a decentralized attention economy. HyperSpace offers community-owned spaces where members are rewarded and recognized for creating and sharing the content most appreciated by their peers.

The success of HyperSpace is predicated on the flow of AMPs, HyperSpace’s native cryptocurrency – as well as on the content ecosystem getting used to and adopting the ideas espoused: of putting the value created throughout the entire value-creation chain of the Attention Economy in the hands of those responsible for it.

There are 1 billion AMPs initially created and this amount will increase by 5% each year as rewards for the Proof of Social Contribution (PoSC) mechanism.

The official HyperSpace ticker is “AMP” and trades under that name on all the exchanges where it has been listed. The designation “HYPERS” is for only.

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