Overview of the BTC Trade Exchange

To date, there are quite a few crypto-currency exchanges, and very often beginners in the digital currency market are confused in choosing an appropriate trading platform. In this review, we will talk about the exchange for CTC BTC Trade, how to use it, enter / withdraw funds, reviews and much more.


Overview of BTC Trade, pluses and minuses

Crypto-exchange BTC Trade is the Ukrainian trading platform, which began its work in 2014. Its creator is the Dnepropetrovsk programmer Bogdan Chaika. According to him, the main incentive to create a crypto exchange was the desire to promote a crypto currency idea in the Ukrainian market. The trading platform for crypto currency is created in the territory of the post-Soviet space at once attracts the attention of traders, because it is a good alternative to the famous large services that are used all over the world.

At the moment the interface of the site is available only in Russian. In early February 2018, the average trading volume on the BTC-Trade exchange is about 30 thousand dollars per day, which is approximately the same now as four bitcoins. According to some sites, the volume of trading reached and 100 thousand dollars per day. The most popular are trading pairs with a hryvnia. Almost two dozen directions are available on the platform.

Regarding the security issue, BTC Trade succumbed to relatively large hacking. The first time it happened in 2015 – then from the site account was increased to 6900 dollars, the second case took place in May of the same year. It cost the exchange at $ 3,300 and almost led to the final closure of the service. The owner of the stock exchange reimbursed the losses to the users from his own pocket.

Allocate the following advantages of BTC Trade cryptographic instruments:

  • Large selection of currency pairs.
  • Low commission.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Fast registration.
  • Purchase of coins for Ukrainian hryvnia.
  • Input and output using bank cards.
  • Advantageous rate of purchase and sale of crypto-currencies.
  • Having a referral program that allows you to increase profits.
  • The exchange conducts fair play and compensates all losses to its customers.
  • Mobile application, with which you can buy and sell Crypto currency, regardless of location.

If we talk about shortcomings, then their stock exchange is also not deprived:

  • There is no purchase of tokens for dollars or euros.
  • Exchange from Ukraine, but there is no translation of the interface into the Ukrainian language.
  • Inconvenient interface. Many elements of the interface of the exchange require further development and it looks really outdated. For example, developers could make more flexible settings for displaying graphics and add interactivity.
  • The possibility of hacking or hacking attacks.
  • Negative feedback from users regarding withdrawal of funds.
  • Not responsive tech support.

Registration and verification at BTC Trade

To register your account on BTC Trade, you need to go to the official website and click on the registration button, after which you will need to fill in the registration data required by the exchange administrator: login, email address and password. Then confirm that you are not bot using the code from the picture and tick the boxes that indicate that you agree to the terms of use and are not a US citizen.

After completing the registration form you will receive an email with a link to activate your account. You will be provided with a pincode in the form of a png-image, which is used to improve the security of the account while withdrawing funds. It should be placed in a secure store or written on paper.

Verification on BTC Trade is absent.

How to use BTC Trade?

In the personal account of BTC Trade you can access the main sections of the Profile, Finance, Transactions, Deposit / Withdrawals, Transactions and others where you can set up your personal profile. For trading, you need to go to the section Buy / Sell. Currency pairs are displayed on the left side of the page. We select the desired one and the stock exchange will immediately download all the data on it. The price of the token to the hryvnia will be displayed in the center. Below are the forms for buying and selling coins.

The following are the open applications of other users, the history of transactions for the last 24 hours. The statistics of how many traders are online on the stock exchange are also displayed. There is a chat where you can discuss the latest developments in the crypto currency market, ask advice from experienced investors, share your opinions.

To buy the currency, you just need to enter the desired value and the number of coins you want to buy and publish the application. If there is a suitable offer in the glass for sale, then the purchase will happen automatically. If you indicated a too low price and there are no such requests for sale, then a new one will be created in the purchase glass. The process of selling the currency is similar.

Among the popular crypto-currencies on the stock exchange are: BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC, DOGE, DASH, SIB, KRB, ZEC, BCH, ETC, NVC, ITI and others.

How to replenish your wallet and withdraw funds?

To replenish the balance on the site and withdraw, you can both crypto and Ukrainian hryvnia. To create a transaction, you need to go to the “Finance” section. All available currencies are listed here. On the contrary, the current balance is shown. To enter the crypto currency, the system generates the purse address to which the tokens will be transferred.

You can enter the hryvnia using a special form, where you need to specify: your name, surname and phone number. Then you need to choose the method of replenishment from the available:

  • Visa or MasterCard of Ukraine card – 2.2% commission;
  • through Privat 24 – commission of 2.5%.

The withdrawal of hryvnia is carried out on payment cards of Ukrainian banks. To do this, you need to fill out the form with the card number, write the name and surname of the cardholder and specify the withdrawal amount (the minimum is 100 UAH). The final amount will be shown below, taking into account the commission. Privatbank takes 1%, other banks – 1.3%.

Commission on BTC Trade

If we talk about the commission for making deals, then it was 0.1% earlier and an affiliate program was available to traders. With its help it was possible to attract new users of the site and reduce the commission to 0.05%. Now it no longer functions and the commission for all users is 0.05%.

Reviews of the BTC Trade crypto exchange

On the Internet, you can often find conflicting reviews about BTC Trade. Some users write that this is a convenient and adequate platform on which it is easy to buy a crypto currency for hryvnia, others – they say about the poor performance of technical support and problems with the input of funds, disruptions in the operation of the site and so on.

BTC Trade will definitely become a good option for users from Ukraine. The ability to enter and withdraw from Ukrainian bank cards simplifies trading, as well as the availability of trading pairs with major crypto-currencies. Special attention should be paid to the support of the first known Ukrainian crypto currency (KRB). The exchange develops in parallel with the spread of the crypto-currency sphere in Ukraine and constantly attracts new users.

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