Detailed review of the HitBTC

If you are looking for a suitable platform for trade in crypto currency, you should pay attention to the HitBTC exchange. In this article we will look at how to register, replenish the wallet, how to trade on HitBTC and much more.

Review of the HitBTC, pluses and minuses

The HitBTC exchange was created in 2013 by Estonian specialists and Israeli businessmen. It gives an opportunity to trade with more than 300 currency pairs, offers trading pairs with USD, EUR, GBP vs. BTC, as well as trading pairs of “crypto-currency” with a set of the most popular coins.

Exchange HitBTC is a platform on which the most popular crypto currency is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – more than 40% of trades on BCH pass exactly on HitBTC. The official HitBTC website has the domain name The developers took care of their users, who can trade both day and night, so they developed two types of design – day and night.

Also HitBTC offers a demo mode function. That is, you do not even need to register to evaluate all the delights of this platform. Just click the appropriate button.

Among the advantages of the HitBTC exchange are:

  • a large number of available currency pairs;
  • provides for the input and output of funds in the fiat currencies;
  • You can trade without account verification;
  • high level of security;

Also, the trading platform has its own shortcomings:

  • does not support the Russian language;
  • input and withdrawal of funds in euros is not available (for Russia);
  • absence of a mobile application for trade;
  • In comparison with the leading crypto-exchange sites, HitBTC lags far behind in terms of trading volume.

Registration and verification on HitBTC

To register on the HitBTC exchange, you need to go to, and click on the “Register” button, which is in the upper right corner of the main page of the site. After that, you need to enter your email address, come up with a password, click on “accept the Exchange” and click on the “Register” button. Entering this data, you need to open your e-mail, to which should come a letter with activation of the account.

If you want to fund your account with fiat, you will have to verify your account. To do this, you will need to contact the exchange via e-mail and inform that you wish to pass verification. In the application it is necessary to indicate the data of the identity document, address and bank account data. All this information must be confirmed with the help of scans or photographs of relevant documents.

There are 3 levels of account verification:

General allows you to make deposits in the crypto currency and withdraw to 5.000 euros in the crypto currency per day. Transactional transactions are not available for this level.

The verified level allows to withdraw up to 25.000 euros in a crypto currency per day. The input / output of fiat for this level is limited to 2.000 euros / dollars per day and 10.000 euro / dollars per month.

Qualified traders can withdraw more than 25,000 euros a day in a crypto currency and enter / withdraw Fiat for 10,000 euro / dollars a week and 50,000 euros / dollars a month.

Deposit in Fiat takes up to 14 working days, the withdrawal – up to 20.


How to use the HitBTC exchange?

The interface is extremely simple and intuitive, the main sections are presented on the control panel:

  • Exchange. In this section, there is a trade.
  • Account | Deposit. Here, deposits are made, funds are requested for withdrawal, or there is a transfer of funds from the main account to the trading account (also discussed later).
  • Reports.  Here the history of orders, transactions and payments is stored.
  • Markets. This is a review of markets.
  • Information panel – here you will see your trading balances and estimated cost (the sum of all assets whose balances are converted into one currency using the rate for the last transaction).
  • Three buttons in the upper right corner – setting up the account, changing the color scheme (night and day), exit.
  • Try Demo. This is a demo mode.

For trading, go to the “Exchange” section. Before you immediately open the graph, and to the right of it a set of all available crypto currency. A trader can independently create an order to buy or sell or close an already existing position.

There are two blocks to create a proposal: Buy and Sell. Under them is a glass of applications. Before creating your proposal, you should familiarize yourself with them. Perhaps you can find a suitable position. All successful transactions are publicly available. The user can find out the time, price and quantity of the crypto currency bought or sold.

For traders, there are 3 types of orders:

  • market (the best price will be chosen when placing the order);
  • Limit (the order will be executed only at the price set by us);
  • Scalable (this is a set of several orders).


How to replenish your wallet and withdraw funds?

Account replenishment is in the Account (or Deposit) section. In the upper left corner there is a search bar for quick access to one of hundreds of supported currencies. And next to it there is a button that allows you to hide currencies with zero balance.

When you find the desired currency, simply click on the “+” button (the “Deposit” column). In the opened form you will see the address (symbolic and QR-code), to which the money should be transferred. Accordingly, to output, click “-” (column “Withdraw”).

You can replenish the account by crypto-currencies, through SWIFT-payments in dollars and SEPA-payments in euros. It is important to remember that users from all countries can enter and withdraw funds in euros. The function is available only for residents of a certain list of countries, which can be found on the site.


HitBTC commission

The amount of fees depends on the speed of execution of the order. For instant transactions a commission of 0.1% is charged. Orders that fall in the book of applications pay a smaller commission – 0.01%.


Credits for the HitBTC

HitBTC is a rather popular trading platform for trading in crypto currency. It captivates a nice and simple interface, quite a lot of pairs, the speed of the platform.

HitBTC offers a demo of its trading platform, which will help you get comfortable, before you start your own money. Also, to ensure the security of their accounts, users can and should use two-factor authentication. It is used during the entrance to the site and withdrawal of funds.

The disadvantages of HitBTC are also present. For the Russian-speaking segment this is, first of all, the absence of the Russian language.

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