Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2018: A Brief Overview

If you are interested in the topic of mining and extracting the crypto currency in 2018, then you will certainly need information on the best crypto-exchange markets where you can convert digital money into fiat (traditional money) or diversify your investments by exchanging one crypto currency for another.


Why use the exchange for crypto currency?

Crypto-currency exchanges are special Internet platforms for trade and exchange of crypto-currencies. Any user can freely register, replenish his account and start trading: sell or buy a crypto currency.

Today, there are more than 300 decentralized exchanges, but if you compare prices for the same currency pair on different exchanges, it is easy to single out the best for the user, which allows you to maximally benefit from the difference in rates and earn on it. This so-called arbitrage crypto currency is a simple and quick way to earn money on a digital currency.

Trades on trading platforms are carried out without a break and days off, since the basis of crypto currency is the technology of blocking, which implies their decentralization. The volatility is quite high, daily fluctuations of + -10-15% are quite normal for stock exchanges, and some altcoins can grow in price several times a day. Fast earnings attract investors and traders, and for some, trading in crypto-currencies is becoming the main source of constant income.


Best Currencies Exchange 2018

Before you find out which exchange is better, you should determine your work profile, as some criteria for choosing a site for exchange depend on this. Also, it is possible to determine which exchange is better for the miner by the following criteria:

availability of funds for the withdrawal of the currency from the exchange, that is, the exchanger must ensure the conversion of the crypto currency into dollars or other necessary currency;
whether there are payment systems available to you for which funds will be transferred;
availability of trading crypto-currency pairs, connecting the currency you are interested in and some other common digital currency.

Based on the volume of currency transactions, the number of currency pairs, the possibility of exchange for Fiat, etc., the following are the most famous and popular exchanges for crypto currency in 2018:


Exmo is a top Russian-language crypto-exchange, which has high security requirements. That’s why a large number of trading pairs are not added, and the emphasis is on the main crypto-currencies. The exchange offers the possibility of withdrawal in rubles, dollars and euros (the most popular pairs are BTC / RUB, BTC / USD, DASH / RUB, ETH / USD).

The exchange is characterized by high speed of work: for transfers within the network it takes literally a few seconds, and for withdrawal of funds – from 5 to 30 minutes. Also users will be pleased with the low commission – 0,2% per transaction.

Among other advantages: round-the-clock operation of technical support, convenient and unobtrusive interface, a variety of payment systems for financial transactions.




Initially, positioned itself as an exchanger. To date, the resource is a large crypto exchange, where you can trade using more than 190 currency pairs. The withdrawal in real money is only available for Bitcoin. Therefore, when using other crypto currency, you will have to pay a commission of 0.5%.

The total amount of funds on the exchange is 1 144 394 800 $. Like most exchanges, Bittrex does not have Russian language support in the system. Thanks to cloud services, all operations are performed very quickly. The exchange is suitable for both experienced and novice users. The only recommendation is verification with the help of passport data to access all the features of the service.


Poloniex has been on the crypto currency market for over 3 years, and constantly attracts new users to mutually beneficial cooperation. This exchange is one of the leaders in the field of crypto-currency transactions in the trading volume of transactions (about 80,000 BTC per day). The total amount of funds on the exchange is $ 794,797,000, and the available trading pairs are more than 100.

Among the important advantages: a high level of security implemented as a two-factor authorization or API key, the possibility of margin trading and a low commission rate – from 0 to 0.25%.

A significant drawback may be the lack of the ability to withdraw the crypto currency for real money. Also there is no support for Russian language.




Multicurrency exchange exists in the market not the first year. It offers the largest possible number of currency pairs for exchange – about two hundred. Russian-language interface, a wide choice of ways to replenish the exchange purse, discounts on commission fees for large volumes of trade, voluntary verification, support for a partnership program.

The exchange gives the possibility of withdrawal in both dollars and rubles (the leader in terms of trading volume in the direction of BTC / RUB). Also the user is available round the clock support service in Russian and English languages ​​and increased level of protection (reliable encryption and programming, two-factor authentication).




This exchange was founded in 2011, and its main office is in San Francisco. The total amount of funds on the exchange is $ 365,436,900. The main features of the Kraken site are: the presence of more than 50 trading pairs, the ability to automate work with orders in the system, a mobile application on the IOS operating system, round-the-clock information support and two-factor verification.

The disadvantages of the site include the lack of Russian-language service, as well as the mandatory verification (to connect to the main functionality). In addition, the commission for operations with crypto-currencies on the Kraken exchange is slightly larger than that of the main competitors.




The exchange was founded in 2017, but already managed to outrun the world’s leading stock exchanges by the average daily volume of trading. This is the fastest growing Chinese stock exchange with its own BNB crypto currency, which was created to attract initial funding through ICO.

Many traders are attracted by low commissions – 0.1% and high productivity: the exchange processes up to 1.4 million orders per second. Also, the site supports the most popular crypto-currencies and makes it possible to open a purse for each of them. All users can freely use a wide range of professional tools for trading and analytics.



The exchange originated in China and began operating in 2013. At this site operations with 64 CRO pairs are available. The total amount of funds on the exchange is 1 255 051 400 $. In addition to the large volume of trades, for the Russian-speaking population the presence of localization under the Russian language (not for all pages) will be a major advantage. The withdrawal of funds is available only in dollars.

An excellent bonus for beginners is the availability of a demo account, which allows you to learn the basic principles of trading on the stock exchange without risks. The service has a mobile application, which allows you to easily open new transactions and complete the started.

Also, the stock is distinguished by fast registration, low commission (up to 0,2%), powerful security system (two-factor verification, IP binding, mail encryption) and partner program.

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