Mining of cryptocurrency on phones and laptops

The development of crypto-currencies, as well as their frenzied popularity in recent years, create a lot of questions, which are often difficult to find answers. Beginners in mining, basically, are interested in methods of mining crypto currency, and including whether it is possible to mine from a phone or laptop.


Mining from the phone

Now almost every person has a fairly powerful smartphone. And sooner or later the question arises: is it possible to mine the crypto currency using a telephone?

For users and Iphone and Android, there are several applications that allow you to try yourself as a getter for a cryptonym. This idea is quite attractive, because you can start mining from the phone without making any investments. It is enough to get yourself a purse for crypto currency, download a program for mining, install it and start calculating hashes, watching the receipt of funds. Also, you need a stable Internet connection to work. In general, everything is the same as when using video cards. But can I make money on this?

For example, consider the most well-known applications for mining on a smartphone.

MinerGate – produces a very modest speed of 9 hashes per second when the MediaTek MT6737 processor is running in 4 threads. For a day of such production you can earn no more than 0.47 UAH (1 ruble). This makes this method more fun than income.

NeoNeonMiner – the speed of mining is extremely small, up to 2 kiloheshes. The smartphone at work noticeably heats up, and it’s impossible to talk about tangible earnings.

ARM Miner – when working on the Scrypt algorithm in 4 streams, the performance is just over 2.8 kiloheshes, in 8 threads – over 3.2. Financial results are very small, production per day can not be converted into the usual currency. But the phone starts to overheat and unstable to work.

It can be concluded that the performance of a conventional smartphone is not enough for profitable mining. Also, do not forget that the smartphone is not physically designed for long-term loads! Passive cooling does not provide sufficient heat dissipation, as a result, a number of problems arise.


Mining on a laptop


At the time of bitcoin launch, in 2009, due to the small turnover of the coin, and also the “freedom” in the mining industry, the production of crypto currency could be carried out even on ordinary PCs or laptops. Computing operations did not require a large amount of energy resources and productivity.

With each passing year and every decoded block, the complexity of the procedure increases. For example, even before 2013, the reward for one block was 50 bitcoins, but by 2014 its size has dropped to 25 bitcoins. This led to the fact that the miners were forced to look for new technological solutions to increase the efficiency of the extraction process, and, accordingly, to increase their own profit. This raises the question of whether there is a financial sense in our time to mine on a laptop?



Laptops have the property, even in simple operating mode, to overheat. This is partly due to the fact that there is a lack of space in the laptop and there are no powerful coolers. Therefore, mining on a laptop kills a video card and literally in a month of mining it can be thrown out.

Already from the beginning of 2017, the complexity of mining has reached such a level that neither PCs, nor even video cards are able to bring solo miners to a sufficient profit. Accordingly, mining on a laptop today does not make any sense – the earned crypto currency you will not be enough even to pay back the costs.

The exit for the miner who do not have the ability to mine on more powerful equipment are mining pools. Poole is a group of bitcoin-miners that have combined their computing resources to produce more bitcoins. In the pool you will need to perform small and less difficult algorithms, and thanks to collective efforts you will have more chances to execute a large algorithm and earn bitcoins that will be distributed among the pool members in proportion to their contribution to the common cause.

But you have to understand that with your laptop your computing resources will be very small, correspondingly to income.

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