What is browser-based mining and can you make money on it?

Mining is now a very popular topic because many want to learn how to get the cherished crypto currency. One of the ways of mining is browser-based mining. In this article we will open such questions: what is it and can you make money on it?

What is browser-based mining?

Browser mining is the process of extracting cryptonyms through a special program (miner) that is embedded in the site. The essence of this mining is that the user opens the site and launches this miner, which begins to drop digital coins, which uses the power of the visitors’ computers to the website.

In general, browser-based mining can be compared with paid surfing of sites – while the browser page is open and active, your account will drip income. Once the page is closed, the production of coins will cease.

Browser mining runs on this principle:

  • First you need to make sure that the computer that opens the Internet page with the miner has enough power. That’s why no one refuses to use powerful video cards and processors to increase the performance of mining.
  • The next step is to select the site on which the browser miner is installed. This is a program that is built into the browser – both consciously and openly, and hidden. And in the latter case, the owners of resources simply exploit you.
  • Then you just start the program and make sure that the page is open.

Legality of browser mining

From the point of view of the legislation of many countries, in the case of the integration of the miners, the site administrators do not do any harmful activity, since the owner of the resource does not intentionally harm and does not receive unauthorized access to the user’s information. So embedding the code of the miner in the site is legitimate and it can be regarded as one of the unethical methods for obtaining profit, in comparison with the blocks of obtrusive advertising common on many resources.

But on the other hand, a person can be engaged in mining, even without suspecting it, as site developers are cunning and install hidden miners in their code, cashing in on unsuspecting users and wiping out the power of their equipment.


Is it possible to earn on browser-based mining?

Mining through the browser is designed more for beginners who need experience. Experienced users know that earning crypto currency in this way is extremely inefficient. According to the evaluation of the Chain Media Telegram channel, Monero’s permanent mining will be paid about $ 15 per script per year on the same browser, and taking into account the rates and speed of currency extraction, as well as electricity bills, the user will go into deep minus.

Therefore, if you use browser-based mining on cpu to earn money, then you clearly missed the way of mining. More that often users complain that after such experiments with browser-based crypto currency, the technology starts to terribly buggy and even breaks.

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